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  • Filibe Rulman

Spindle Motors

Spindle motors are used in systems such as cnc routers, which can respond to high power possibilities and are used to process soft materials. Spindle motors are divided into two groups as liquid-cooled spindle motor and air-cooled spindle motor. Spindle motor types include models with ceramic bearings and steel bearings. Spindle motors are preferred motors in positions directed in the load carrying direction with precision flexibility in stopping and stopping positions as well as servo motors. In addition, spindle motors also have a tool change feature. This provides a significant advantage during the operation of some spindle motors.

There may be changes in the positions of the spindle motors, which can be changed with ceramic and steel bearings, at the time of stopping and starting. Spindle motors are not as sensitive as a servo motor in terms of their position. It is generally preferred because it has advantageous features in carrying loads.

One of the most popular features of spindle motors is the automatic tool change feature. This feature provides great convenience during the operation of most spindle motors.

How Spindle Motor Works

The spindle motor increases the rated speed, density and efficiency of the machine due to the semi-linear relationship between the high speed on the shaft and the electrical power. Thus, the motor shaft size does not need to be changed, the need is met by using the increased shaft power. Great performance can also be achieved with a small volume. Also, the speed of the motor increases linearly with frequency. This is an important factor in the field of application of the machine. Engines can run 24 hours. However, spindle motors can get very hot. Engine warm-up may vary depending on power and size. You can avoid this problem by turning off the drive, by calculating or measuring the temperature of the engine when the engine is at risk of overheating.

Usage Areas of Spindle Motors

In addition to the use of spindle motors in CNC machines, motor preferences are also different according to the work to be done. To give an example; While belt-pulley spindle motors are generally preferred for CNC milling and machining centers, high-frequency spindle motors are used for CNC engraving machines. In addition to all these, spindle motors are also used in the medical industry, imaging and recording industry, copying and duplication machines, manufacturing technologies, automotive industry, defense industry and aerospace technology areas, apart from CNC machines. One of the issues to be considered in spindle motors, which is a high-speed motor, is the use of high-speed bearings. Because spindle motors work at high speeds such as 25,000 rpm, the mechanical accent must be able to respond correctly to this speed.


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