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filibe rulman tabela görüntüsü

                                       28 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE...

With the understanding "Long journeys begin with a single step" we hope that you, our valued customers, will work with us on this journey...

About Us

Precious Valuable, Filibe Rulman was founded in Bursa/Niltim by Muhsin Akarsu. Our company has not been procured in the field of supply supply in the machinery sector. Any product that can assist in courtship can be reshaped, made available, material and exported. With our diverse product stock, we do not aim to meet all kinds of needs and needs, which can be used quickly, with high quality. The founder of the company has been good planning in terms of business since 1994 and provides support with trouble-free solutions in every aspect. All posts are world class and approved by plans. Our company attaches great importance to product quality, brand and fast shipment.

Filibe Rulman redüktör motor
Filibe rulman çalışanı


As Filibe Rulman, we aim to provide quality, fast and safe product supply by keeping customer satisfaction in the first place.


To be one of the companies that supply the leading and exemplary bearings, gearmotors and  power transmission products in Turkey, the most valuable and the most preferred in foreign markets.

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